What is Vegan Drinks?

Vegan Drinks (www.vegandrinks.org) is a monthly social networking meeting to bring together veg*ns of diverse backgrounds in one place to discuss our hopes, dreams, ideas, and…well…to have a few drinks for happy hour!
Feel free to invite your friends, vegan and other open minded people, to promote your causes, talk about vegan food, or just shoot the breeze.


To bring together a diverse group of people to build new coalitions and promote the sharing of resources. Vegan Drinks is for newbies and oldies. All we expect is an interest in animal rights, veganism and the pursuit of after-work fun. Show up and introduce yourself, pass around business cards (if you’ve got ‘em) and embarrass yourself at least once an hour.


  • Be friendly! We’ll be passing out name tags, so you can march right up to someone and greet her by name.
  • If you’re representing an organization (either as an employee or volunteer or general supporter), talk up the organization and the work you’ve been involved in.
  • If you’re representing YOU, talk up your vegan and AR interests, your favorite restaurant, your dream job for animals, your blog, etc., etc.
  • Sip a drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic, we don’t care!) and relax with like-minded folks for a couple of hours.
Every Second Thursday of Every Month